Kyle Nel - AVS

Hi, I’m Kyle Nel of AVS based in Nelspruit, South Africa and this is my story.
The first recorded pioneers to settle in Nelspruit - around 25 kilometers of the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga – were the three Nel brothers. It is documented that they migrated to this tropical climate with their livestock in the cold winter months around the 1860s, and during those drawn-out travels became friends with the king of Swaziland. Coincidently baring the same name as the Nel brothers, I have set out to make my own mark in history using modern AV technology in a city where the main industry is forestry, citrus and tropical farming and of course the tourist attraction of the game reserve. I recently took ownership of Prolyte Dex and Trussing, purchased from DWR Distribution.

“I’ve always had a keen interest in sound and music, and while I have no musical talent whatsoever, I have a natural ability with anything remotely technical,” says Kyle.

Kyle has determination in abundance and when AVS was established in 2002 he nagged the owners to give him the opportunity to work for them. Eventually in 2005 he joined as the young apprentice. At the expense of personal relationships and a social life, he climbed the ladder and by 2011 owned fifty percent of the company.

In January 2014 Kyle became the sole owner of AVS. He and his team are taking the company to a new level which has included rebranding, streamlining of operations and just recently, purchasing new equipment. AVS is a small business with a healthy dose of top quality gear.

While Nelspruit has its fair share of competition, there is enough work to keep everyone busy. “Nelspruit is growing fast and people are realising the power technology has to promote and liven up brands,” explains Kyle. “It’s great! There are vehicle and product launches and with every event, we take the standard up another notch.

For AVS it’s all about efficiency, quality of work and end results. “This, along with a direct ‘one-on-one approach’, solidifies the client relationship. Each event tends to be bigger and better, as well as more demanding than the ones prior, and that’s where you either make it happen or buckle and under-deliver,” said Kyle. “The latter is never an option.”

Part of Kyle’s vision for AVS was to purchase professional trussing and staging. “Everybody has different tastes, but again, I did loads of shopping and the Prolyte Dex came out tops,” he said. “They’re light, super strong and easily manageable, the range is also incredible, and the fact that DWR can supply me with whatever I need to add or bolt on is a bonus.”

AVS also chose the H30 Prolyte series particularly for ease of use and tine saving. “Nobody wants a rigger whacking away, even with the DWR Thor Hammer, at a stubborn pin for 5 minutes. Never mind the damage caused to the gear,” said Kyle. “The Prolyte truss, being as popular as it is, makes it easy for me to expand/ rehire (from MGG because I like them) when the need arises, making rigs neater and more uniform in general.”

He ends, “The entire DWR team surprises me every time I deal with them with a special mention to Robert Izzett, Nicolette Britz, Keith Pugin and Duncan Riley. “Thank you for accommodating my little business and its specific requirements. You won’t regret it.”

So, what’s your story?


Kyle Nel