WhatsYourStory: Philip Santos - Forsk Ink

Manila based Forsk Ink owner Philip Santos and Menze van der Sluis, Prolyte Asia Pacific go a long way. They met at the USITT in Anaheim, somewhere back in 1998 or 1999. They kept in close contact ever since, with Menze gradually convincing Philip of the qualities of Prolyte. Eventually this led to Philip’s first investment in a Prolyte ground support system. Based on the feedback and experience with that system, Philip was convinced he could move a step further. He founded Truss Works, a company dedicated to renting out complete roof systems.

In 2003 Philip invested in his first Prolyte ST roof system. “We opened up Pandora’s box in the Philippines,” recalls Philip. “We set a benchmark in the Philippines – Prolyte was so much in demand that, as a result, people from the industry started to use the name Prolyte also for other products. However we have never doubted to stay true to this brand. The quality and the fitting are just unmatched.”

Nowadays Truss Works has 3 full ST roof systems and 2 ARC roofs in its rental fleet, furthermore they also own additional trussing and ProLyft hoists.

“Even after 12 years these systems operate flawlessly” Philip continues, “During an event on New year’s Eve, Manila was hit by the tail of a typhoon, when the storm calmed down, our Prolyte system still stood proud, where other constructions had major problems or even collapsed”.

With the Prolyte roof systems rented out on a weekly basis Philip does not doubt the worth of the initial investment. “The total investment may be higher, choosing for Prolyte, but over the long run, this brand is true its promises, and it really offers unrivalled quality”.

Menze and Philip have build a strong relationship over these years, “Prolyte is simply there for you when you need them” concludes Philip.