Rene Verbruggen - Bridge Event Facilities

Hi I’m Rene Verbruggen, owner of Bridge Event Facilities in Schijndel, The Netherlands. 
Our company provides turnkey services for any type of event, offering a total package from technical to decorative services. Perfection into each detail is paramount for us. Our motto? Show Your Best.

Maybe, that is why at Bridge we work with Prolyte products from the very beginning, which should be more than 20 years by now. We use the complete range; trussing, staging and ProLyft hoists, day-in day-out, the products perform without any problem. Isn’t that just what you would be looking for? The products are engineered in a very clever and thought trough way, you really safe working time in the assembly and disassembly of your productions.

For me, as company owner, it’s also important that the products really offer a good price quality ratio, making it possible to have a very good return on investment for any serious entrepreneur.

The great support we get, time and time again, whenever we have calculation or engineering questions qualifies Prolyte for us as a true Partner, which is really a big step up from being just a supplier. As we have experienced it over the long period in which we use Prolyte products on a daily basis, Prolyte is the type of supplier any customer could dream off!

So, what is your story?