Sammy Freh - GSF

Hi, I’m Sammy Freh, co-founder of GSF, a light and sound rental company based in Gembloux, Belgium. My brother and I founded GSF in 1993. 
At the start we worked for events in our hometown, but with time we steadily expanded, buying better equipment and managed to acquire work for larger European events. It’s a business family, Sabry, my brother, is an engineer and is in charge of the technical part, where I'm taking care of the commercial part of the company.

GSF is specialized in rental equipment. We focus in several departments such as: 3D design, lighting, trussing and rigging, video projection and audio equipment. Our mission is to translate ideas and concepts into technical solutions and to contribute to every event with our specialized know-how, skills and the use of the latest technology, to make it successful.

Sammy Freh

We own Prolyte trussing since 1999. At that time only a few companies in French speaking Belgium believed in this trussing brand, because it was not widely spread at that time. But we had a strong believe in Prolyte trussing and invested in it. 
We are proud to say that Prolyte’s high quality products and its passionate team members have never disappointed us! We use Prolyte trussing on all events we work on.

Early January 2014, GSF built a special construction for the EU in Brussels. Bidding for the European tender GSF was selected out of a group of international suppliers, we are very proud of that fact!
Tetragon was commissioned to set up the artis­tic instal­la­tion for the Greek Pres­i­dency of the Coun­cil of the Euro­pean Union in Brus­sels, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the designer, archi­tect Andreas Angelidakis. The project is inspired by the unique facade decoration engravings (called “xysta”) on traditional housing of Pyrgi village, on the island of Chios, merging the traditional with the futuristic. Analyzing the pattern, one can see that it is an abstraction of nature, the triangles representing flowers and leaves.

GSF won the tender to construct and build the supporting structure to hang the acrylic triangular constructions in the atrium of the Justus Lipsius building, the headquarter of the Council of the European Union. Thousands of European representatives will pass under this construction, crossing the atrium. No place for failure, so Prolyte was a logical choice. The complete installation is supported at 20m high in the atrium and will stay there till June 30th.

So, what’s your story?


Sammy Freh