Thorsten Klein - Malecon

Hi I'm Thorsten, my company is Malecon based in Freiburg, Germany. 
We offer staging and rigging support for all kind of events. One of our specialities is building huge mother grids in order to create temporary support structures.

My background as aircraft engineer is a good basis to understand the risks involved with rigging. Years of experience, high technology standards and a high quality management standard make Malecon stand out in the field of event technology. 

“This is why we have invested in Prolyte truss – we have an impressive amount of stock of B100RV truss and Mammoth truss – we share a similar philosophy with the people at Prolyte – they strive to be the best in their field – like we do”. 

End of February we travel to Copenhagen with 6 trailers full of B100, D75 and Mammoth truss for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The performance there needs to be flawless – we trust on Prolyte to perform. 

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