Fun 2015 Ukraine


“Fun 2015” is an international festival, organized by Studio “95 Quarter” and tourist firm “Sita”. This year the festival was organized for the 9th time – and for the 1st time in Ukraine – in Bukovel. PROFI was asked to supply all technical equipment and services as a technical contractor.

For this event PROFI developed and installed a unique mobile concert hall, measuring 20 x 50 m, based on Prolyte roof parts. This hall could accommodate a seated audience of 1200 persons. Linked to this hall was a standard Prolyte roof of 16 x 10 m.
“The flexibility of the Prolyte roof parts is really a big pro in projects such as this”, commented Denis Khokhlov, CEO of PROFI.  “It gives us the possibility to create set-ups like this safely and easily”.

The festival was held from May 1st till 8th and saw a dazzling range of performing artists, like: Natalia Magilevskaya, Nino Katamadze, Potap and Nastya, DZIDZIO and of course the studio "95 Quarter".

The organizers were really surprised by the quality of work that PROFI displayed during the project. Their entire team performed on a really high level – thereby contributing to the Festival as a whole.

Prolyte Roof at Fun 2015 Ukraine

The sales people you trained on Friday were all extremely positive. You have given them lots to think about.

Adam Blaxill Stage Electrics, United Kingdom