Prolyte Campus at Electro Waves, Helsinki

Когда: 19 January 2015 до 23 January 2015
Время: 15:00 - 18:00
Местоположение: Helsinki, Finland
Категория: Events Archive 2016

Prolyte Campus at Electro Waves, Helsinki. 

Другие мероприятия

Prolyte Group and its distribution partner Hawthorn jointly organize a Prolyte Campus seminar at Hawthorn in Leicestershire, UK.
Competence in Regular Inspection of Prolyte Truss
Production Futures combines real recruitment opportunities and the best in industry training, making it the ultimate destination for careers, networking & education.
This event is a hands-on training on building a ground support system.

This training has had a major impact. The training was very good and highly important, because people in our region do not have a sufficient basic knowledge of safety, rigging etc

Vinko Perinic Perinic Sistemi, Croatia