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All you want to know about Prolyte and Prolyte products but where afraid to ask? The FAQ page offers a collection of questions we frequently receive. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us

Technical Questions Показать все часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Can I combine with brands that say they have “Prolyte compatible” truss?

    From a distance all trusses look the same. On closer examination, however, differences become apparent. Joining together trusses from different manufacturers places a high risk of liability on different parties: the user, the employer, the owner and the manufacturer/distributor. This risk is based on the effect of different legal spheres such as product safety, product liability, warranty and reliability as well as stability and load bearing capacity.


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  2. Is Prolyte certified?

    Yes, Prolyte’s complete manufacturing process is EN1090 certified. Actually, Prolyte is the first truss manufacturer to obtain the EN1090 certificate in the highest execution class, EN1090- 3 EXC3. With certificates issued by no less than two independent certifying, notified bodies, the certification procedure has been very thorough. Prolyte produces its load-bearing structures in execution class 3 (EXC3) and service class 1 (SC1) according to…

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  3. What will change with the implementation of the Eurocodes?

    The way of calculating the strength of trusses and structures made from truss.

    What will change for Prolyte users?
    Not so much in practice, the loading tables have changed slightly.
    As before, for each structure build, you need to be able to show a static calculation, according to the current applicable standard.

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Sales questions Показать все часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. I need information on shipping, delivery times or transport, where do I go?

    Shipping, delivery times or transport vary, depending on your region and order size. Please consult your supplier or nearest Prolyte distributor for more information.

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  2. Where can I purchase or rent Prolyte products?

    Prolyte has a world wide network of partners, distributors, ProLyft Service points, stocking Prolyte products and available for support. Furthermore rental houses all over the globe are able to provide you with the right kit where needed. You can find these in our unique locator app (for iPhone) and on the Prolyte…

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  3. Can I buy directly from Prolyte?

    Prolyte products are sold exclusively over our trusted network of Distributors and Service Points. You can find the distributors here: – Link to distributor list website

    If you wish to become a Prolyte distributor, you can contact our sale office for more information and the general requirements.

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Product questions Показать все часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Can I powder coat my truss?

    Yes, most trusses can be powder coated any colour you like. You can order this directly from your supplier. Existing or old trusses can also be powder coated.


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  2. Can I use my Stage decks outdoors?

    Yes, the Top line deck has a water resistant coating and anti-skidding top layer, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Have a look at all our StageDex products.

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  3. Does Prolyte have traceability on their products?

    Yes, with the implementation of the EN1090 regulations in our factory, all our products have backwards traceability. The decal and individual marking (picture) you can find on all our products leads back to date of production, welder, materials batch and material supplier. Read more in our EN1090 blog series.

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Questions about Prolyte Показать все часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Business hours Prolyte offices

    The business hours for the Prolyte offices can be found on the contact page. Please keep in mind the mentioned times are for the local timezone. Contact your nearest Prolyte distributor if you have questions regarding prices, transport or lead times.


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  2. Where can I visit Prolyte?

    You can find a navigation map on the contact page. Let us know if you would like to visit us, we'll make sure the coffee is ready ;-)


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  3. Does Prolyte have a suggestion box?

    Your ideas and feedback are always welcome! Subscribe to the Prolyte forum and discuss your idea with other Prolyte users. Feedback or other ideas can be send to 

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The reason we choose to buy Prolyte products is not only because they have great products, I think it¹s the sales support and service they supply that really were decisive for our choice.

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