New products presented at P+S 2019

With great enthusiasm, Prolyte Group exhibited at one of the most significant events of the year; the Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2019.

In cooperation with Cybermotion and ROE Visual, Prolyte hosted a show every day, at every hour.
Have a look at the aftermovie below for an impression of the Prolyte booth!

Showing its unrivalled capacity in the design and build of complex truss structures, Prolyte Group displayed a range of heavy-duty trusses, and trusses specially designed for LED walls at the exhibition in Frankfurt. Have a look below at the new innovative products that were launched at this year's show.

The Prolyte team is looking forward to see you again at the Prolight + Sound 2020!

Due to high market demand, Prolyte has developed a lifting bracket for suspending the truss in a vertical orientation. This bracket makes suspension in a vertical orientation quite easy.
If you want to fly your LED system, you have the choice of the trusses from Prolyte. Both of these trusses are equipped with a middle beam.
As the new Verto coupling system for 30 series becomes popular, Prolyte decided to invent in Verto 40 series, including Verto 40V and 40R.
The NEW Prolyte Ground Anchor combines all elements of proper ballast for temporary demountable structures in a small and easy to install article.
The LSU series is a range of products to facilitate the safe erection or suspension of LED systems. The LSU series offer solutions for either suspending your LED systems or building LED systems from ground level.
The HT tower is based on H30V truss sections and employs a new type of sleeve block that fits the 40 square series truss on all four sides by means of bolted CCS6 couplers (either male or female).
BGR70 - A low volume truss with extreme load-bearing capacity. The BGR70 truss is designed to create large spans that can hold heavy loads. Rectangular profiles create a truss that can be used for spans up to 45 metres, still allowing a centre point load of 750 kg.
The massive Mammoth M145RV truss can now be combined with a complete ground support system, consisting of a special designed base section, top section, D75T tower and sleeve block to accommodate heavy loading and large spans.
The Verto truss is a new revolutionary system, making truss connection fast, silent and safe. The Verto truss brings a totally new perspective on truss assembly and is described as a game changer in our industry.
The new box corner, the BOX-40R-HD, is a fully plated and bolted element and therefore much stronger than the regular box corner. This allows you to build any 2D or 3D structures without losing involuntary strength due to the corner types used.
The new HD box corner range, the BOX-30-HD and BOX-40V-HD are fully plated and bolted elements and are therefore much stronger than the regular box corner.
The Aetos range electric chain hoists comprises standard 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg chain motors. Available in “direct control” and “Low voltage control” versions. The 250 kg lifting capacity is available in D8 and D8+ modes.

Built a 20' by 12' arch in a hotel in Calgary with Verto truss. Virtually silently in under 5 minutes. Amazing!!!

Stardust Event Group Canada