Crowd Barriers

System Characteristics 
The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier is a lightweight crowd control system made of aluminium. The aluminium barriers have a self-weight of only 35 kg per 1 m section. The smooth round top bar and the bottom bar incorporate a stainless steel 15 mm slot pin that provides easy connection points for the crowd or stage barriers. The bottom side can be secured using a hexagon socket head screw (M 12 × 150 mm). All profiles have soft, rounded edges for maximum comfort. The design load of the barrier is 4,5 kN/m1. The Barrier folds flat after use and can be stacked in dollies for easy transportation and storage. Apart from the standard 1 m sections, the Barrier can be delivered featuring several corner types, with extended platform sections, and in a SnakeGate version. Furthermore, StageDex can deliver the Crowd Barrier featuring your own logo upon request.

System Applications
The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier was developed for use as a safety device to control crowds in various types of occasions ranging from pop concerts to outdoor events. The Crowd Barrier offers a combination of optimum safety and comfort for the audience as well as a safe working area for rescue personnel. The StageDex Crowd Barrier is designed as a demountable structure; setup and assembly are quick and easy, requiring a minimum amount of tooling. 

Crowd Safety
The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier was designed in accordance with strict design criteria and complies with all health and safety regulations such as; “Temporary Demountable Structures”, “Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment”, DIN 4113 and BS 8118.

Set up and assembly are fast and easy, due to the 15 mm stainless steel slot pin and flat folding design.
The flex corner is equipped with a robust heavy duty hinge, which is capable of absorbing all the forces to which the barrier may be subjected.
StageDex has designed a 2 step extension for the barrier which can be used to create either a step up option at intervals or a continious walking platform for security personnel.
The StageDex SnakeGate is a specially designed barrier to accommodate the transit of your cables (“snake”) from the stage to front of house (FOH).
Prolyte Group has developed a full range of aluminium crowd control barriers that live up to the highest levels of safety and userfriendliness while complying with the strictest regulations.
StageDex Barriers are a lightweight but robust crowd control system.
Designed to facilitate the transport and warehousing of your barriers. This steel dolly will hold 10 standard barrier sections. The dollies are equipped with castors and can be stacked.
The dollies can be stacked on top of each other to save space in storage. The BAR-10-011 is standard with castor wheels.