FieldLab Event Over the Weekend!


For over a year, events all across the world have been cancelled or restricted due to COVID-19, which had a major impact on the events sector. Because of that, the dutch decided to create a safe, durable and reliable testing event to foresee the possibility of opening up the world of festivals sometime soon.

Fieldlab Evenementen was created by local event sectors in collaboration with the Dutch Government, as well as scientists and educational institutes to bring safe events back in the near future.

Last weekend Fieldlab proceeded with their test festivals “Back to Live” in Biddinghuizen, with only 1500 attendees. All the attendees where tested before the event and will be tested again in 2 weeks. The results of the tests will determine the test festival’s success, giving the event sector an opportunity to redeem themselves once again. Watch BBC’s News coverage here:

Stageco Nederland built the stages for these test events and used a Prolyte 8x6 Arc Roof for the outdoor stage.

With this we are slowly but surely moving towards more safe and responsible festivals and summer events, hopefully back in full capacity within no time.

Prolyte brings something new every year. Founded in 1991 in Leek, Netherlands, Prolyte has quickly become famous around the world due to its in-house expertise and of being one step ahead of the competition with a new mentality and new energy: “Prolyte. Feel Fantastic.”

MOJO Stageco Nederland Fieldlab Evenementen Back to Live Dance Festival

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