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LT Roof for Linkin Park Concert

LT Roof for Linkin Park Concert

Knowing the set of Linkin Park would be one of the largest and heaviest…

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Providing the knowledge to let your business grow

Prolyte Campus is a Prolyte Group initiative to support its customers with the best and most up-to-date knowledge available. Providing the tools and training to use the Prolyte Group products safely and in compliance with applicable standards and regulations will help you perform better.
Prolyte Campus

Prolyte Campus Ground Support, by Rolight

07/11/2016 till 08/11/2016 This event is a hands-on training on building a ground support system.
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Rigging and such: Stick to the nodes – Part 2

There are some different points of view on node points in our business. We see various kinds of noding in truss design, depending on the truss type

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Truss loading is more than what loading tables say

Even with reliable loading data there is still a lot of work and calculating to be done before you can rig your show in a safe way. Never underestimate the way that loads can easily accumulate and cause un-safe situations.

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We use Prolyte products on a daily basis, Prolyte is the type of supplier any customer could dream off!

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