About our campuses

Prolyte recognizes the importance of education and training in the safe and effective use of its products. Our campuses provide educational programs and training sessions aimed at riggers, technicians, and other professionals working with their equipment.
Committed to safety in the event industry, we offer training and educational programs for professionals in the entertainment and event industry. These programs cover topics such as rigging safety, trussing and staging assembly, and best practices for event production.
Our goals with the Prolyte campuses:
  • To share knowledge in a 2-way street: to our end customers and vice versa.
  • Provide product expertise.
  • Perform an educational day where knowledge will be shared.
  • Actively promote safe working practices.
  • Create safety awareness.
  • Interactive training between the trainer and the users of our products to learn from each other.
To whom are the campuses provided?
Prolyte campuses are provided for both: end customers and distributors. (Also public in general, anyone can attend!)
The campuses made for customers are mostly focused on technical knowledge, while the campuses made for distributors (and their staff) are mostly focused on commercial knowledge about Prolyte products and their differences from the competition.
With our campuses, we want to share with the world knowledge and the philosophy behind our products.
Check our events calendar here for our upcoming campuses!