Crowd Barriers

System Characteristics 

The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier is a lightweight crowd control system made of aluminium. The aluminium barriers have a self-weight of only 35 kg per 1 m section. The smooth round top bar and the bottom bar incorporate a stainless steel slot pin that provides easy connection points for the crowd or stage barriers. The bottom side can be secured using a hexagon socket head screw (M12 × 180 mm). All profiles have soft, rounded edges for maximum comfort. The maximum allowable horizontal load on the top chord of the vertical of the barrier is 3kN/m1. The Barrier folds flat after use and can be stacked in dollies for easy transportation and storage. Apart from the standard 1 m sections, the Barrier can be delivered featuring several corner types, with extended platform sections, and in a SnakeGate version. Furthermore, StageDex can deliver the Crowd Barrier featuring your own logo upon request.


System Applications

The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier was developed for use as a safety device to control crowds in various types of occasions ranging from pop concerts to outdoor events. The Crowd Barrier offers a combination of optimum safety and comfort for the audience as well as a safe working area for rescue personnel. The StageDex Crowd Barrier is designed as a demountable structure; setup and assembly are quick and easy, requiring a minimum amount of tooling. 

Crowd Safety

The StageDex Crowd Control Barrier was designed in accordance with strict design criteria and complies with all health and safety regulations such as; “Temporary Demountable Structures”, “Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment”,EN13200  and BS 8118.
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