JAPAN Receives a BIG Shipment

JAPAN Receives a BIG Shipment

Prolyte distributor All Creation in Japan recently received a large shipment of Various Top line decks, standard 2x1m and custom sizes with Easyframe B staging for a special project. 

“We at Prolyte are always excited when we see orders coming in from across the world. That gives us hope that things are slowly going back to normal again.” Eddie Slotboom. 

In addition, All Creation also received custom StageDex Ramps as well as an 8x6 ARC roof. All Creation also decided to order additional Prolyft Parts to increase their local stock in Japan. 

Eddie adds, ”We are excited to see a fantastic project from All Creations in the near future."

Should you have any questions or inquires, send us an email at sales@prolyte.com

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