Jens Kannacher joins Prolyte as Account Manager in Germany

Jens Kannacher joins Prolyte as Account Manager in Germany
We are very happy to announce that Jens Kannacher has joined the Prolyte team as Account Manager for Prolyte products in Germany.
For over twelve years, Jens was a top performer for the distribution of professional event products and is very well-known on the German market for his specialised knowledge and long standing business relationship with Prolyte. His “one step ahead” thinking makes him a perfect fit for the Prolyte team.

Going forward, German customers can count on Jens to provide them with Prolyte products that combine high quality craftsmanship with cutting edge technology and faithfully deliver their “one step ahead solutions”. Jens will champion the Blue Heart movement and serve as the dynamo for ensuring Prolyte’s leading position in customer satisfaction on the German market.

Welcome, Jens, to the Prolyte team and the Area Four Industries Family!

Prolyte brings something new every year. Founded in 1991 in Leek, Netherlands, it has quickly become famous around the world due to its in-house expertise of being one step ahead with a new mentality and new energy.

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