PH: ProTrac

ProTrac, the solution for situations where the distance between flybars is very narrow. These include flybars in theatres, event venues or exhibitions. Protracs; compared to steel bars, has an increased loading capacity and more important, nearly no lateral flex.

ProTrac consists of a rectangular upper profile of extruded aluminium combined with a lower round aluminium tube or profile. Standard three types of profile (48,mm till 60mm) are available to be connected to the upper profile.

The lower profile connects to the upper profile with stud bolts. Suspension points for the ProTrac componenets slide into the slot of the upper profil and are easily fixed. The upper profile can be fitted with extra drilled holes of 50mm (spaced 500mm) to provide fittings for integrated electrical sockets. 

ProTrac is a modular system. Profiles are available between the 50cm and 600cm and can be connected via internal bolted connecting elements. All available profiles are standard anodised in a black colour and can be furnished with a plastic cap at the end.

Special extrusions are optional, can be offered on special project base.

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