Prolyte 14/30

For this week's Prolyte 30/30 we're going back to 2008.

Around the summer period, we were assigned to produce and deliver a stage construction for a tour of a famous Dutch artist 🤫.
It was a stage construction of approximately 18 meters in width and 10 meters in depth. The stage was a fixed set scenery with different levels. Product-wise the most suitable solution for such stages is the Stage frame C system.
The system is very flexible in height and is able to create all kinds of setups. From simple flat floor into a grandstand or aesthetic great looking multi-level configurations.


A great feature is that you create corridors below the stage which gives you the opportunity to temporary store your empty kit. The stage was completed with the Top-line Deck from the StageDex series.


In the pictures: we did the factory acceptance test and build up the complete stage right outside Prolyte HQ in Leek.


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