Prolyte 30/30


The 30th, final and last Prolyte 30/30 post takes us back to our favourite Prolyte series “Truss Busters” (2014).


A fun way to learn new things about your favourite products. How many people fit on one stage deck? Is a truss infinitely strong? Can aluminium burn? These are just a few things the Truss Busters would like to test. When Arend isn't distracted by Mariska's looks, he wants to test the most dangerous things. Mariska is very precise and will make sure everything happens according to the safety regulations of Prolyte. In the first episode, they tested the allowable loading for a 2x1m deck. For the full movie(s) have a look at Prolyte’s YouTube channel.




And just like that, 30 posts within 30 weeks, taking us back through Prolyte’s 30 years in the making! A Major THANK YOU to all our distributors, customers and end users for constantly creating cherishable memories and making all of it happen, we couldn't have done it without you! 💙

Feel free to share your favourite throwbacks with us by tagging us in your posts. We’d love to see them all!

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