WEBINAR: Inspection of Truss



We all like to work in a safe environment, and a very important part of that is your work equipment. Thus, your work equipment should be 100% safe as well. 

How to know if your work environment and equipment are safe? The answer is to INSPECT. But how often do you inspect? When should you inspect? What to look for? And Can you do it yourself? 

In this Webinar, Prolyte’s Product Manager Eric Laanstra will answer all your questions and cover topics like why to inspect, when and how to inspect your equipment and more. 

Eric will also familiarise you with the discard criteria of Prolyte Truss Modules, as inspected truss modules always need to be documented after inspection. Learning how to do so will be covered in this webinar too. 

So make sure you join this webinar on the 6th of April, 11:00 CEST and expand your knowledge in the field of inspection. Seats are limited, so hurry up. Register here