Why use Prolyte? Traceability

Why use Prolyte? Traceability

What is Traceability?

When purchasing or using a Prolyte product, you must’ve noticed a series of numbers imprinted on the truss end member, but what are those random numbers? They are a unique composition of serial numbers that allow customers to trace the entire production process of a product; from the individual producing to the assemble of that specific product. The serial number serves as an invaluable tool for the customer’s own inventory, as they can easily track the origins of their product and seek the right assistance from the internal individual when needed.

Why choose Prolyte? 

What’s unique about Prolyte is that the serial number is tagged on the product in two ways. First, all products have a production tag with the serial number stamped onto each product, and second, imprinting the serial number onto the product using a microprocessor. The reason why Prolyte uses these two methods is that through time the printed labels often get worn out and are heavily faded during the placement and usage of the product. Therefore, the marking of serial numbers using micro percussion technology makes it more indelible and inseparable.


Should a customer wish to have a preferred colour for their product, the micro percussion machine makes the serial number imprint absolutely visible on the product within seconds. Remember that the serial number is like a birth certificate, giving essential information as to when the product was made and to what series it belongs to. The serial number also includes the order details of that particular product. By analyzing the serial number it is possible to trace all the individual parts of Prolyte’s internal processes and breaks down the product into its constituent input materials.

About Prolyte

Prolyte brings something new every year. Founded in Leek, the Netherlands, Prolyte has quickly become recognized around the world due to its in-house expertise, and for being one step ahead of the competition with a new mentality and new energy. “Prolyte. Feel. Fantastic.”