BIG NEWS: Prolyte Campuses are back!


Prolyte Campuses are back 🤩

After nearly two years, exactly a week ago our well-known Product Manager and campus trainer Eric Laanstra visited Stage Electrics in Bristol, United Kingdom, to start with our two first campuses of the 2023 season.

During these two days the attendees, some of Stage Electric’s staff and their customers, had the opportunity to gain and share their knowledge with experts in the industry while networking and exchanging information.

The campuses, Secrets of Truss and Inspection of Truss, provided customers with information about trusses, their use, safe rigging practices, and principles, among other topics.
 Eric Laanstra, the campus trainer, said: “It was great to be back amongst the users of our products and receive their valuable feedback”.


With our Prolyte campuses, we want to create awareness about truss-safe practices and learn from each other.
Stay tuned for more information about our 2023 campuses!