Blu Heart of the month

Blu Heart of the month
Here comes our Blu Heart-er of February 💙
He is one of the two managing directors of Licht Produktiv, one of our distributors in Germany.
He owes this nomination to his commitment and his "never sleeping effort" to Prolyte. Please help us give a warm applause to René Haarseim, this month's Blu Heart-er!
René is the creative head of Licht Produktiv and when he is not busy with his company, you will definitely find him somewhere with his son on the soccer field, hiking in the mountains or having a barbecue in the garden with family and friends.
But he is more, René is the face of Licht Produktiv and you can see him on almost all social media posts and press releases from our partner, which was founded in 1996 by Nico Bruder as a DJ and rental company for events.
René joined the company in 2007 and continued to expand the sales department. The company has been growing steadily since then and the warehouse that was moved into in 2016 is already too small today. Licht Produktiv is a fixed partner on the market and a point of contact for many of our customers.
René, this is for you. Thank you for your loyalty and good cooperation over the past 15 years. It never gets boring with you. We are looking forward to the future and are excited to see which new projects you will surprise us with. 💙