Blu Heart-er Awards at Distributors Meeting


The Blu Heart-er awards program represents the love, gratitude and appreciation Prolyte gives and receives from loyal partners, distributors, valued customers, friends and family.

We at Prolyte value each and everyone of you, that’s why we’d like to highlight the loyalty towards our company.

At our Distributors Meeting last week, we wanted to reward each and everyone of our Blu Heart-ers present in the meeting.


With a unique handmade keychain of our famous Blu Heart-er logo, produced specially for our award holders, we decided to appreciate their loyalty, love and gratitude for Prolyte.


"Partnershio that matters", is our slogan, and we want to put on the spotlight all of our ambassadors that make Prolyte what today is.


Share with us that person that you believe deserves this award sending an email to and help us making this bluetiful family bigger!

We would love to share it with the world! 💙