New product Launch: LED Stack Support

New product Launch: LED Stack Support

Prolyte is introducing the new features for the LED stack supports, now as LSU raised and LSU curved.

LSU raised:

The adjustable leg is a support which enables to start your LED wall from a higher level than ground level. The leg will rest on the ground base and can be attached to the ladder truss with the standard led panel adapter. The leg support is adjustable between the 90 and 130cm height and can be adjusted every 10cm. The SM-A-LP16 locking pin with its selflocking mechanism will secure the leg. The principle with the connection bars is equal to the base unit.

The leg will come standard in a powdercoated black color.


LSU curved:

Prolyte has extended the LSU series with a range of adapters to create curved screens. The angled connections bars will be the base of your LED wall and are available in a length of 100 and 150cm. They also can be used in combination with the straight versions.

The connection between the led panel and the ladder truss will be made by the LED panel adapter with special angled plates. The plates re available in 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 degrees and can be ordered separately from the adapter. The plates will fit most of all available brands. 

Other options will be available on request.

You can download the flyer here.