Blu Heart-er of the month


Our first Blu Heart-er nominee in Mexico is here. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up to congratulate Rodolfo Oropeza, CEO of the company Audio, Video e Iluminacion Profesional de CV (Grupo Roa) 💙

Rodolfo has approximately 34 years in the industry, out of those, 15 years being a Prolyte user. He started by obtaining our decks and then continued being a Prolyte customer. 
His favorite Prolyte product is the X30 truss in all its variations due to its flexible application possibilities. “It’s a product that is used almost daily”, said Rodolfo.

His friends describe him as a humble and empath person with a strong human touch. A great listener, who can solve things in a responsible way, trying to see beyond the day-to-day needs. 
In his free time, you can find Rofolfo either travelling or learning about different topics, most of the time industry-related, such as manufacturing processes and technical innovations.