Prolyte Campus in the Canary Islands and Bilbao


And that’s a wrap! We set the stage on fire across three vibrant campuses in the breathtaking Canary Islands and Bilbao last week!

🔥🏝️ Las Palmas, Tenerife, and Bilbao experienced the Prolyte campus magic like never before! 🎉✨
Led by Eric Laanstra, our Prolyte product manager and with the support of EES Lighting & Rigging Product Manager Asier Suso, our campus prepared the attendees with theoretical-practical sessions, covering such relevant issues in the rigger's day-to-day life as the use of load tables or the correct inspection of trusses, and more.


Special thanks to EES for hosting these unforgettable campuses!
Stay tuned for more campuses to come!


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