Rent-All receives 5 kilometer of Prolyte products


We are happy to unveil to you the first major breakthrough in the availability of the professional rental market; Rent-All, one of  Europe’s major rental professionals, has received its first 5-kilometer batch of Prolyte, with much more to come! The demand for high-quality truss products for your next rental project is solved, and our new rental partner Rent-All, one of Europe’s major rental professionals, is the solution to all your truss needs.
Rentall offers a wide range of our truss and staging products. Whether you're organizing a concert, trade show, or any other event, they have the perfect truss products for you. Like Prolyte, Rent-All is a solution-oriented Brand that develops solutions to facilitate your work.
Frantisek Zykan, Prolyte’s CEO commented: “We believe that Prolyte creates connections with their customers, built through consistently delivering great customer service, creating positive experiences, and cultivating a sense of family. We love to give our customers the satisfaction they are searching for when purchasing rigging products and we are positive that Rent-All will work fully for the satisfaction of a wide base of users and supporters of our brand”.
We are very happy to close the partnership with Rent-All and work together to strengthen the position as the best choice in the European Rental Market.
For more information about Rentall, please contact them by mail of by phone at +31 26 325 5392.
Prolyte, Feel fantastic!
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