LiteDeck - The decking and staging solution for touring productions 

With more than 20 years of experience, LiteDeck is one of the highest performing and most popular decking systems in the world of demanding touring productions. Tried and tested internationally, it is a lightweight yet robust staging solution that can be relied upon to perform.

Lightweight and strong

While the welded side profiles give the stage platform a modern and “rock ’n roll” style look, they also provide ultimate strength and a lightweight staging solution. Combined with the hard birch plywood top, your deck is built to last, a must in the professional staging industry. The wooden top plate can easily be removed for maintenance or repair and can be used on both sides.

Various shapes and sizes available

The LiteDeck system is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing hundreds of stage configurations to be created from a relatively narrow stock of standard components. This makes it an ideal staging solution for any type of venue. Its relatively low height requires little storage space for the decks.

Easy and tool less connection – TopLok system

Coupled with the unique TopLok system makes this decking a designer’s favourite.Introduced specifically in response to feedback from touring productions, the optional TopLok system offers time savings, and hence crew cost benefits, in the assembly of any stage configuration. Utilising an integrated claw catch design, decks can be joined from above with the single turn of an Allen key, ensuring the fastest possible build and strike times. LiteDeck is available in either imperial or metric measurements, ensuring compatibility with structural formats across the world. The LiteDeck system offers highly competitive performance with great savings.


Flexible performance

A variety of options completes the LiteDeck range. The standard and most popular finish is a durable 19 mm birch plywood top, painted matte black and connected by a set of bolts.  The bolts allow removal, maintenance and replacement of the wooden top over the life of the deck. For more elaborate applications, LiteDeck is also available with clear tops to allow the transmission of lights from under the stage, or open aluminium mesh tops to facilitate the use of pyrotechnics or smoke effects. A set of wheels can turn it into a rolling riser. The possibilities are endless.
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