Lightweight Containers

Project: Lightweight Containers
Challenge: Translate creative concept into stand construction
Market: Exhibition 
Lightweight Containers (LWC) is the marketing and sales company of the Key Keg®. 

To be able to create the right environment for an important product launch, Jan Veenedaal, CEO of LWC, the Netherlands, developed a concept for their stand.

Based on this concept and the initial design by Dekave, they contacted the Prolyte Group, asking for a quotation. Prolyte Group were subsequently commissioned and all parties involved tranformed, step-by-step, the initial – pretty straightforward- design into a definitive plan, inspired by both the constructive and decorative aspects of the truss.

For a total stand space of 72m2 a construction based on a circular truss with seven arches was created.

Before the definitive construction could be produced, structural calculations were required. The extra loading on the circle, resulting from the weight of the central ball, had to be taken into consideration. 

The complete structure is based on standard arches; however the central circle is made from one piece, presenting quite a challenge to our circle department. Moreover, by using as much standard truss as possible, the stand was easy to build, as Donald Cok from LWC commented: “We started building late, but were the first to be ready”. Looking for an exceptional and attractive stand design, the client was very content with the result. “Lightweight Containers are very content with this stand design. The ease of assembly and the limited amount of time we needed were really an eye-opener to us” stated Robert-Jan Knoppers of LWC.