H40 Prolyte Structure Used for Venue Platteland's Stage

Platteland is a new venue based in Centurion, Gauteng, delivering an outstanding music performance by local and international artists on a platform that technically meets a world class standard. The professionally equipped venue includes an L-Acoustics audio system, a DiGiCo S21 digital mixing console, and an impressive all Prolyte 8 x 5m, 4.5m high structure with an eye-catching circular truss that surrounds a screen. Most importantly, it offers a warm and vibrant atmosphere felt by patrons visiting the establishment.

“While the venue is new, my partners and I worked on the concept for the past three years, waiting patiently for the perfect site,” explained Marcus Oosthuizen from Platteland. “It took close to a year to secure the right deal and then to build the venue.”

The founders had all been involved in nightlife venues at some point of their lives. “We wanted to give the live music industry a boost by opening an internationally equipped venue which, in turn, would bring the best music to our customers and enable them to experience a quality production.”

Marcus was referred to DWR Distribution through one of his suppliers, Music Junkies. “Jaco Beukes, Richard Smith and Duncan Riley of DWR guided us with the initial set up,” said Marcus. “We did our research and spoke to many sound companies and audio engineers, and all of them mentioned L-Acoustics. We required a clean sound that would deliver a punch, and without a doubt, that is what the ARCS WiFo have delivered.”

The audio system includes four ARCS Focus and two ARCS Wide. “The quality of the audio is what differentiates us from other venues,” said Marcus. “If you want to be the best, you need to use the best equipment, not to mention the fantastic ongoing support we get from DWR.”

For the mixing console, Platteland choose a DiGiCo S21, a cost-effective solution backed up with the DiGiCo power. The compact dual screen design of the S21 provides 10 channel strips per screen allowing the operator instant feedback and control on 20 simultaneous channels. This amount of instantaneous feedback offers total reassurance when mixing large shows, but the newly designed drag, swipe and drop channel layout system makes it simple for operators to move channels and busses across the surface to design their own custom fader layouts. The beauty of having two screens is that it not only gives you more channels to view at any one time, but it allows you to utilise one as a setup or master screen, while still operating with the other. You are always looking in the same location, whatever function you have highlighted.

“Due to the design of the venue we were not able to hang anything from the beams in the ceiling, and we had a fair amount of gear that needed to be suspended,” explained Jaco Beukes from DWR, who managed the project.  Platteland’s stage has an 8 x 5m, 4.5m high, H40 Prolyte structure that overshadows the entire stage with a circle truss flown on the back of the main structure and six totems with lights and TV displays on them.

Source: DWR distribution