MPT Tower

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The MPT tower is based on H30V truss and employs a sleeve block that fits to any of the 30 or 40 Series trusses on all four sides by means of bolted CCS6 couplers (either male or female). In combination with an adapter plate, it is also possible to use the sleeve block with either S36R or S36V truss The MPT tower has a self-weight of 115 kg. The MPT sleeve block is a fully bolted structural element, making it much stronger and more precise than conventional welded versions. The top section and base section can facilitate the use of either a hand winch or a chain hoist. the MPT tower is cost-effective investment. You need only purchase the special parts if you wish to expand your truss system with towers. 
*Check out two versions of the top section in product sheet.

Prolyte MPT Tower product sheet
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MPT Tower
MPT Tower technical specifications
Max. height 8.00 m
Max. loading capacity 1000 kg*
Max. load handwinch 750 kg (750M Tower
Type mast sections H30V
Sleeve block suitable for truss-series

X or H30D, X or H30V, X or H40D and
X or H40V, S36R, S36V

Alloy alu parts EN-AW 6082 T6
Coupling system tower CCS6 series
Self weight 115 kg


* There is a structural relation between tower height and size, further the applied load and the method of restraining the tower base and top also have its influence on the total loading capacity. All these factors must be taken into consideration when determining the allowable load. More information can be found in the Prolyte Blackbook.
  • Fully bolted sleeveblock, making it stronger than welded versions
  • Sleeveblock with attachment points on four sides for various truss types
  • The top-and base section facilitate either a handwinch or chainhoist

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