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Safe Crowd Control
Over the years, Prolyte Group has developed a full range of aluminium crowd control barriers that live up to the highest levels of safety and userfriendliness while complying with the strictest regulations. Prolyte barriers are easy to work with and offer crowd control in a friendly and safe way. This broad line of barriers is extended with the LineUpGate. Together with the standard barriers, a programme of fixed and variable corners, the mega gate and several clever options, the Prolyte barriers now offer a complete solution for crowd control set-ups.

Managing queuing crowds safely
Line-up gates are designed as check points for ticket collection and to manage queuing crowds. The Prolyte LineUpGate offers a simple and efficient tool to control your audience inflow at events or festivals. The modular system can be extended with as many entry gates as you need and can be connected to the standard barriers,  creating one interconnected and safe system. The LineUpGates are designed to remain upright under substantial pressure. The entry gate is 60 cm wide and offers controlled audience entry, passing one person at a time through the gate. If the situation requires, the gates can be closed with one simple handle, stopping the inflow of audience in a controlled way. The LineUpGates can be branded with signs or banners displaying your event logos by standard mounting options.
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  • The Standard version LineUpGate has two entries; each entry is 60 cm wide, total depth is 230 cm. Minimum overall width (1 gate) is 120 cm.
  • Bumpers available in 90° and 180° sections.
  • Can be coupled to any barriers from the Prolyte Barrier range
  • Modular system, more LineUpGates can be coupled to create multiple entries
  • Each entry can be closed with a hinged gate to stop the inflow of audience when required
  • Standard mounting options for banners or signs
  • Standard supplied with floor panel to secure safe and stable set-up
  • All profiles have rounded edges – for more comfort and easy handling
  • Panel holes are no larger than 10mm, to prevent jammed fingers
  • Noise reduction; all barriers have a vibration free mounted front panel and nylon bearing at hinge points
  • Floor panels have standard ridges to create more grip on uneven surfaces, like sand or grass
  • Compact transportation – folds to pallet size

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