Prolyte XXL Roof

Location: Tampere, Finland
Project: Sauna open-air festival
Challenge: Develop a high loading capacity roof system
Market: Event
Prolyte Group supplied a custom design roof structure, dubbed the XXL Roof, to Finnish production/rental company Aku's Factory. This new roof system based on the B100 Series truss saw its first outing at the Sauna Open Air Metal Festival held in Tampere in Finland.

Whilst the roof was specifically designed to span the main stage of the festival, it is nevertheless a completely modular system, designed primarily for rental use. As a result, the structure is configurable in a number of different ways to produce roof structures of varying sizes and may even be broken down to its constituent parts to create entirely different types of truss-based structures.

The XXL Roof is based on Prolyte CT Towers comprising C52T mast sections, a B100 Series ground support system, and B52SV truss rafters. The CT Tower uses several sleeve blocks that combine the trusses from the Prolyte S and B Series. The CT sleeve block is a fully bolted structural element, making it much stronger and more precise than conventional welded versions. The roof is fully integrated with a Layher staging system and offers a loading capacity of 40,000kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) with an additional sound wing capacity of 6000kg per side. The finished structure measures a maximum of 25m x 20m with 16m clearance, the highest point being at 20m.

According to Prolyte’s project manager Ivo Mulder, the concept proved such a success that it is likely to be integrated into the Prolyte portfolio as the largest in the range of standard roofs. “Despite it being a completely custom design, it was actually very easy to develop and implement,” he explained. “In fact, it only took us four weeks from our initial sketches to production and initial build, including all of the calculations, measurements etc. The advantages of this system are that once dismantled, the truss can be used in winter for indoor events – for example, I know that it has already been used as a huge lighting truss in a massive goalpost configuration at an indoor ice-hockey arena where they need spans of up to 60-70m. Obviously that’s an economic advantage for the client in a rental situation. The B Series truss also offers very high loading capacity, and the roof structure provides easy rigging access and easy load calculation. Despite its size, it’s actually a very versatile system, hence the reason for considering it as a standard Prolyte product.”