XXL Roof for PROmontaje

Operating in the Latin American market, the Venezuelan based PROmontaje needed a solution to host large outdoor events and concerts. PROmontaje owns a large event site, just outside Caracas, which they plan to use for a range of outdoor concerts and sports events. PROmontaje is the main provider of technical resources for events in Venezuela, and dedicated to supplying the best possible technical resources for the production of sporting events, shows and corporate events.
Jean Paul Gaspard of Audio Concept, Prolyte distributor in Latin America, brought PROmontaje in contact with Prolyte. “I knew Prolyte was the only truss manufacturer I could trust to deliver a structure of the size and capacity my customer was looking for” comments Jean Paul Gaspard, “PROmontaje already owns an ARC roof and barriers from Prolyte, and they are very happy with the quality of those products and the ease of use”.

The Roof System PROmontaje was looking for, needed to have a heavy loading capacity paired with a large sized stage and sufficient clearance. Recently, PROmontaje invested in a large sound system by Meyer, so the roof systems should also be able to accommodate that weight.

Ivo Mulder adds: “This is the first structure of that size we have delivered to Latin America. Knowing how the market works there, you know all eyes are on you. We already have experience with the XXL roof, Arku’s Factory LTD in Finland bought a similar system in 2010, but any client who is investing in a system of this size always has personal requirements, furthermore this structure is designed and built following the new EC9 regulations, which are much stricter with regard to e.g. wind loading. So, from a design standpoint, we started all over.”

Mulder continues: “Building such a large system, in a country where the specific parts or tools are not all available of the shelf, requires a lot of preparation. For Prolyte it’s standard procedure that we instruct the technical team thoroughly during the initial build of the structure. Together with my colleague Arend, we planned an 8-day build-up schedule, prior to the inauguration date, to do all preparations and to execute a step-by-step instruction for all involved. 

Arend Hofstee comments: “The technical staff of PROmontaje were an absolute pleasure to work with. They really understand the risks and responsibility involved in building such a large structure. Despite the language barrier, they listened very intend on all the ins and outs we discussed, sometimes explained through hand gestures.  They also brought in a high dose of fun and enthusiasm! These are capable guys, we’re convinced to leave the structure safely in their hands for any future build”. 

The XXL roof system is based on 13 CT towers, of which one is a stack tower underneath the back span. The roof has main grid based on B100RV truss and a pitched roof structure based on B52SV truss, which is the standard S52SV truss adapted with a main chord of 60 x 6 mm. Layher adapters guarantee a flawless integration of the towers and the stage. ProLyft Aetos hoists lift the 17-ton structure in place.

The main roof area can be constructed in 3 different sizes 30m. x 20m, 25m. x 20m, 20m x 20m, the stage a build during the training measured 30m. by 20m. , realising a clearance of 14m. between the stage and the main grid. The loading capacity of the roof is approx. 30 ton, uniformly distributed along the roof.

This system also includes side wings to accommodate sound and video. The sound wings are suitable for a point load in the middle of the front span for a main PA of 3 ton and a point load on the side truss for the side fills of 1,8 ton. Furthermore the construction features a covered side stage area on both sides. In normal conditions, this structure could be built in 3 to 4 days with an experienced crew of approx. 20 technicians. 

As Angel Gregori Castro explains: “Being used to other truss systems, we were positively surprised by the flawless mounting of all the parts and the very precise fitting – despite the high tolerances used. This is very rewarding – the whole systems is really designed for a user point of view – it simply works, from the Layher adapters to the towers and canopies; one perfect structure. 

On the last day, some potential customers were taken to the site, to have a sneak preview of the structure, get some first hand information from the Prolyte engineers and hear the experience of the PROmontaje crew. “Most customers were really impressed by the sheer size of this structure, as Prolyte representatives we felt really proud to show our capabilities in this way!”

PROmontaje is really happy with their new investment and look forward to use this structure for the upcoming events. As Pablo Bonilla, owner of PROmontaje comments: ”Finally, the XXL Roof system from Prolyte is a reality. It took almost one year to completion, since we started the discussion about our wishes and requirements with Prolyte at the Prolight + Sound show 2014 in Frankfurt.

It’s not only about the roof, it’s about the technology and efforts from two great companies, like Prolyte and Layher, to be able and willing to develop a structure that is 100 % compatible with each other. We are very excited to be the first in Latin America, to have this structure. I would like to express my thanks to all of the Prolyte family”.