Prolyte supports Eurovision Song Contest

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Project: Malecon Ltd., ETP, Litecom & Pro Rigging
Challenge: To accomplish the immense makeover from a shipyard to a high tech facility
Market: Events
The 2014 ESC was organised in Copenhagen, Denmark. The organisers choose an old shipyard at Refshaleøen be the hosting venue. Apart from some vast floor space and a roof, the venue did not offer much infrastructure to host a massive event like the ESC.

To accomplish the immense makeover from shipyard to high tech facility the organisers recruited dedicated rigging companies to complete the complex mother grids and support structures, needed to create rigging points for the intricate production.

For the work commissioned for the mother grid and support structures specialist rigging company Malecon Ltd. from Germany was selected by contractor

Litecom & Pro Rigging, which handled the venue and the surroundings; to build these massive and complicated support structures, a real challenge for any rigger.

Like Thorsten Klein from Malecon stated: “Travelling to Copenhagen with 7 trailers full truss, you know the performance needs to be flawless there– we really trusted on Prolyte to perform; it has not let us down! All in all, 350 metres Prolyte B100, 120 metres Prolyte D75 and last but not least 100 metres of Prolyte M145 Mammoth truss were used to build the grids and towers”.

Malecon Ltd. equipment list:

350 metres Prolyte B100
120 metres Prolyte D75
100 metres of Prolyte M145 Mammoth

ETP from Denmark was selected by contractor DR (Denmark’s Radio & TV), in charge of the TV-show and it’s components and Host City Copenhagen (HCC), to handle the on-site additional rigging and staging requirements.

Flemming Pederson from ETP explains: “Working in close cooperation with other rigging companies, we were glad to work with the same truss brand. We used more than 276 metres of Prolyte H30V truss for cable roads alone! Next to that we installed more than 800 StageDex stage elements and over 100 metres Prolyte crowd barriers. This equipment was used for the stage area, the greenroom, camera platforms and other technical and hospitality facilities. We literally supported the whole event with “Prolyte all over”.”

Both companies have worked with Prolyte trussing over a longer period, so for this prestigious project, Prolyte was the natural choice.

ETP equipment list:

276 metres of Prolyte H30V
800 StageDex stage elements
100 metres Prolyte crowd barriers