Premios Pepsi Music Awards and Prolyte

Pepsi Music Awards 2015
The Premios Pepsi Music (PPM) Awards is an awards ceremony for the best of music in Venezuela in different kinds of genres. The Awards were held for the fourth consecutive year. In Caracas the most outstanding musicians and stars gathered to celebrate the artists most outstanding groups of last year. Ramon Castro and Daniela Kosan, presented the show, which was broadcasted by Televen on September 12th.

The awards gala, as held in the tent of the Eurobuilding Hotel, reconfirmed that the country has musical talent to spare. Laura Guevara and Sixto Rein were the biggest winners of the night with two awards each.

PROMontaje was asked to supply all technical equipment for this show, which was hosted in a large temporary tent structure outside the hotel. The organisers had choosen deliberatly for a broad stage platform. In this set up, the audience was practically all on front row to see the artists perform live on stage.

“The real challenge for us was to span the complete stage width of 40m with one single span, without any columns or support points. We knew that with our Prolyte B100 truss we would be able to do that. On a 40m span you can apply a live load of 40kg/m, this gave us enough room for additional loading, like the Martin spots we used for the lighting plot and the Meyer Sound speakers distributed throughout the spans”, comments Eduardo Brewer from PROMontaje.

B100RV Series truss is constructed of main tubes (60 x 6mm) and diagonals (48 x 3mm). Equipped with the CCS7 conical coupling system, the B100RV truss is fast and easy to assemble. Due to its 4-sided webbing the B100RV truss can absorb vertical as well as horizontal loads, which makes it ideal for outdoor or 3 dimensional structures.

“The organisers were stunned that we were able to achieve such an enormous free span, giving the camera’s free and unhindered access to the complete stage – an enormous advantage for the camera crew” continues Eduardo; “We were specifically happy with the fact that we had a very limited deflection in the spans – although much more deflection is allowed, it just doesn’t look right. From the start, we were convinced that, due to the quality of the Prolyte truss, we would be able to pull this off. We were very happy with the result, not only did it looked stunning and really impressive, it also enabled us to work in line with our philosophy that safety is our main concern, always”.