DT Tower

The DT tower is based on D75T mast sections. These mast sections have a four side diagonal webbing with on one side en extra horizontal bracing to facilitate safe and easy climbing of the towers with an appropriate fall protection system. The tower modules are equipped with a pin/fork connection system for easy assembly.
While the D75T towers can be loaded up to 30 tonnes at a height of 20m, building a complete grid or ground support system requires more elements, designed to absorb substantial loads. Using the M145RV Mammoth truss you can build spans up to 60 metres, still allowing a centre point load of 2000 kg. For use in ground support systems, Prolyte has designed a sleeve block for the D75 tower, the D75T-010-4-M145RV-0, which combines the D75T towers with the M145RV Mammoth truss. The sleeve block can handle a cantilever point load of 2000 kg. at a 10m cantilever.

Furthermore, the sleeve block is equipped with a pinned dead hang system, this facilitates a dedicated dead hang position within the tower and increases the tower loading capacity significantly. Sliding the dead hang pin into its integrated holder within the tower is easy, quick and safe. The base section can be integrated into a 2072 x 2072 scaffolding system and creates integral stability for the tower section, which results in an increase of the tower capacity. It features integrated dedicated attachments for guy wires and lifting points.

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