LSU Horizontal Suspension

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Prolyte introduces the next step forward in horizontal suspension of LED panels. With this universal system you are able to create a complete ceiling panels, regardless of the size of panel that is used. Nearly every brand of LED panels will fit this flexible system.

System description:
The HS series is based on just one special 48,3 mm round extrusion in combination with a LED panel adapter.

The 48,3 mm extrusioin has an integrated Helm 100 profile which takes the panel adapters, They can be slid in the correct position which suits your size and type of panel. On the opposite side, it has a slot which allows for the connection parts to fix the upper part to the lower profiles.

The lowe profiles will be mounted in a 90° position, creating the base for the LED screen ceiling. The distance between the lower profile depends on the size of your LED panels. Once the profiles are mounted in the correct positions, the panel adapters can be put in the correct position. The maximum free span of the lower profile is 3 meteres. 

The LED panel adapters are available in a fixed version as well as an adjustable version. The adjustable version can be modified in height by 3 cm, which enables you to correct possible deflection of the truss span/grid or tube. The design of the adapter allows you to keep easy access to the backside of the panels for mouting the cabling of the system or for maintenance.

By using a double clamp, the upper tubes can be mounted to the truss span or truss structure.

The HS serie is available in different standard lengths up to 4 meters.
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LSU Horizontal Suspension
Technical specifications - LSU HS series
Types 48,3 mm round extrusion with Helm 100

EN AW 6082T6

Adapters 120x120 mm slotted steel plate
Finish Black anodised
  • Most flexible system
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Minimum amount of different parts.
  • Adjustable height.

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