NERO Hoist 500 kg

The Prolyft range is standard with a black chain. Standard on the low voltage and the direct control is the unique outside limit switch which it makes it very easy for the riggers to set limits on their rig positions. The RFID-tag which is on the hoist is the link to the database where the complete log of the specific hoist is saved.

  • Unique database, registry & service software suite.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Quality manufacturing in the EU.
  • Certified products, comply to latest world standards.
  • Complete assortment with all accessories available.
  • Local availability.
  • Worldwide network of Service Points.
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NERO Hoist 500 kg
Technical specifications Nero 500 kg hoist
Load capacity 500 kg
Model D8+
Type of Control Direct or Low Voltage
FEM Class 2m
Duty Factor 40%
Starts per Hour 240
Breaking time / 10 years 6300 h
Falls of Chain 1
Type of Chain DIN EN 818-7 - type DAT - Zinc galvanized steel 80 grade
Size of Chain 6x18mm
Chain Self-Weight 0.78kg/m
Safety Factor 8.1
IP rate 55
Insulation Class (Temperature Class) F in according to CEI 15-26
Load Wheel 5 pockets
Noise Level 67.5dB @ Full Load
Connection Cable Length (75 ± 5) cm
WLL 500kg
Frequency 50 Hz
Motor power 0.8 kW
Number of brakes 2
Brake Size 06
Self-weight 24kg
Lifting Speed 4m/min
  • Standard with a black chain for the complete range.
  • Outside limit switch on low voltage and direct control.
  • Soft stopper, easy to position on a random place on the chain.
  • Fixed bracket allowing chainbag to move position related to use the motor-up or motor down.
  • The RFID-tag which is on the hoist, is the link to the unique and completely upgraded database.
  • Database with all the certificates and complete history of the hoist.
  • Low noise level: 67.5 dB at full load.
  • Damage reducing housing design, with hand grips integrated in cover trough and through coloured plastic covers.

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