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Ready for the Future

The rapid evolution of contemporary theater productions has placed new demands on existing fly-bar systems. Important recent developments include higher loading requirements, a growth in the scope of productions, and the introduction of mechanically operated fly-bar systems. The demands placed by new production techniques have made many fly-bar systems no longer suitable for the job. Developed to fill this gap, ProTrac is a substantially upgraded fly-bar system with several extra options and a high loading capacity. Additionally, because ProTrac is a lightweight system (low inherent weight), it allows a higher net loading capacity for your winches or drivers.

Accidents Avoided

Compared to commonly used conventional fly-bars or steel ladder beams, ProTrac dramatically reduces the horizontal bending that results from applying loads to the fly-bar. ProTrac has practically no lateral flex: horizontal bending is less than 2 cm over 24 m of length when full load is applied. Nearby fly-bars will not be blocked and, more importantly, potential accidents due to the blocking of the flyway can be prevented. Further, ProTrac can be furnished with yellow end-caps to enhance visibility of the fly-bar, thus providing an extra safety margin for technicians and actors when working on stage.

Easy Installation

The ProTrac system is very flexible, allowing components of several different lengths to be easily cobined and connected. ProTrac can replace conventional fly-bars in theatres or other venues without any alteration of the existing installation. There is no need to make adjustments to the suspension cables or the complete fly-bar system: the steel wires of the existing system can simply be connected to the adjustable suspension points of the ProTrac components. Calculation methods used for ProTrac comply with DIN 56921.

Technical Details

ProTrac consists of a rectangular upper profile of extruded aluminium combined with a lower round aluminium tube or profile. Three typers of lower profile can be connected to the upper profile:
  1. Tube with slot profile 48,3 mm
  2. Tube with slot profile 48,3 mm, with integrated rail fitting for Helm 100 runner
  3. Tube with slot profile 60 mm, with integrated rail fitting for Helm 100 runner
The lower profile connects to the upper profile with stud bolts. Suspension points for the ProTrac components slide into the slot of the upper profile and are easily fixed, due to a lock and load system. ProTrac is a modular system. Variable lengths can be connected via internal tubers, which are bolted into place. The connection of two lower profiles is placed under 45 degrees to guarantee flawless runner travel. ProTrac's profiles are black anodised and are furnished with rubber caps at the ends. The upper profile can be fitted with extra drilled holes of 50 mm (spaced 500 mm) to provide fittings for integrated electrical sockets.
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Technical Specifications ProTrac
Types Upper Profile Lower Profile 48,3 mm Lower Profile 48,3 mm + Helm 100 Lower Profile 60 mm + Helm 100
Alloy EN AW 6082 T6 F28 EN AW 6082 T6 F31 EN AW 6005 F26 EN AW 6005 F26
Profiles 60 diam. 48,3 diam. 48,3 diam. 60 diam.
Coupling System Bolts Bolts Bolts Bolts
Self Weight 6,088 kg/m 1,944 kg/m 1,921 kg/m 2,534 kg/m
lx in mm4 6581770 133896 116630 222400
Wx in mm3 90437 5760 4160 7963
ly in mm4 1074310


160570 289000
Wy in mm3 36575 6350 6648 9999
  • High loading capacity. Max. point load of 350 kg on 4,5 m span possible
  • High Safety Factor: ProTrac has a Safety factor of 5 (on permanent deformation) and 10 (on failure)
  • Reduced horizontal bending. The lateral flex is less than 2 cm over 24 m length if full load is applied, nearby fly-bars will not be blocked
  • Very low inherent weight: ProTrac is 20 to 25% lighter than teel ladder beams, which offers extra load capacity for your scenery
  • Modular and flexible: ProTrac can be used in all theatres or other venues, without any adjustments or changes to the structural components
  • Compact build height: ProTrac has a build height of only 306 mm
  • Black stays black: ProTrac is anodised black
  • Enhanced safety; End-caps available in several colours

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