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The Circular Roof is circular shaped roof system based on the multi-purpose truss series. Its typical shape gives a new dimension and possibilities to your event. The structure is fully designed from the H40V (square 40cm) truss series. All the lengths are standard available truss modules and the Heavy duty boxcorners (BOX-40V-HD-0) optimizes the strength of the roof top.
The special 8+2 way corner gives you the opportunity to go with 8 truss spans from the center of the roof to the outer ring, which gives you lots of suspension possibilities. It also gives the roof a fantastic aesthetic look.
The roof is standard available in a 12 meter and 18 meter diameter with a clearance of 6 meter. Other options are available on request. The CMP roof is designed, engineered, and produced to the latest standards in our industry.

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Circular roof
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