Mammoth Ground Support Solution

Looking for a solution for the ever increasing demands for large, high load bearing structures, Neuro Tech has turned to Prolyte Group to find a solution. Showing its unrivalled capacity in the design and build of complex truss structures Prolyte Group has supplied a complete Mammoth ground support system.

The technical prowess of an AV company lies in its inventory

Fierce ambition, that is what radiates from the offices of Neuro Tech owner, Neo Yong Hong as he states: “The technical prowess of an AV company lies in its inventory.”

Hong believes that actions speak louder than words and has invested heavily to bring his company to a professional level.

Neuro Tech Asia has been actively providing some of the most successful and comprehensive AV solutions and designs to projects and events in China and across the Asia Pacific. Specialising in technical management and solutions for events, Neuro Tech Asia is dedicated to deliver quality service through both expertise and high-end quality equipment.

With its team of international experts, Neuro Tech Asia has endeavoured into diversified areas of expertise like technical consultancy, provision of show production professionals, AV design implementation, and permanent installation. “We endorse a global approach to the localised demographics, serving as a bridge between Asia and the rest of the world. This means we can deliver equipment and technicians that live up to western standards, following the demand of our international clientele”, states Hong.
Working for companies like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Givenchy, Dior, Air France and others, Neuro Tech Asia follows internatial industry standards and employs the use of established and renowned AV equipment.

A definite trend for high load-bearing systems

“We saw Prolyte products coming in on a regular basis with touring international productions”, continues Hong, “With Prolyte as a hightly acclaimed and recognized industry standard we knew our choice was made.”

“Following trends, we saw an opportunity to shift from providing technicians and crew to providing equipment to international standards ,as required by international production companies and promotors.Tours and productions that go into Asia are requesting the equipment they are used to work with in Europe and the USA.”

Looking for a solution the be able to create a large mother grid, Neuro Tech contacted Prolyte Group, through its subsidiary office in Malaysia.

Loong Yee Hing, International Account manager for Prolyte Asia Pacific conducted the first exploratory talks, but soon realized that extra technical expertise was needed to translate the customer's demands into a fitting solution.

Based on an exploratory market research it soon became clear that the need in Asia is somewhat different than in Europe. Due to the lack of venues that are able to absorb a high extra live load, additional measures are needed, like installing a ground supported mother grid, capable to be fitted with longer spans and high load-bearing resistance.

Prolyte set out to design a flexible system for Neuro Tech, that could be built in several different configurations while maintaining a high loading capacity. Examples of these are a ground support frame of 24 x 24m on eight towers only, with a pay-load of 70 tonnes or a freestanding span of 60m on two towers, with a centre point load of 2,15 tonnes.

Check out the build-up of Mammoth truss 60 meters span 

Prolyte M145RV Mammoth Truss Ground Support NeuroTech China


Training is vital for production safety

When the equipment arrived in one of the locations of NeuroTech in Asia, Shanghai, Prolyte planned an instruction training, as is common when delivering larger structures.

“An initial build-up training is vital to ensure both proper training and instruction of the technical crew and offers a good momentum to transfer the, often complex, technical implications of working with such a large system”, comments Ruud de Deugd, Product Manager ProlyteSystems for Prolyte.

Neuro Tech Asia installed a responsible H&S contact within their crew to act as contact point between Prolyte and the installation crew. The on-site training was performed by Ruud de Deugd, Arend Hofstee, assisted by Ralph Stockley.

Boyd Yeo, Technical Safety Director for Neuro Tech Asia feels secured with the back-up offered: “It’s really good to know we have all the expertise at hand, Ruud and Arend are very knowledgeable and great guys to work with, furthermore, with Prolyte Asia Pacific and the support of Hing, we know we have fast access to equipment and support in our own language when need it.”

“Neuro Tech is ensured of the continuous support of the Prolyte engineering team, that’s part of our service”, states Stockley.

The complete Mammoth ground support system, combined with D75 towers and M145RV truss was used in April for a live show in the motor industry, where a free span of 60 was required.

“There’s no way we could have offered these specs without the Prolyte equipment” states Steven Shi, in charge of production for Neuro Tech Asia, “The system performed flawless, which is quite astonishing, given the sheer size and weight of all the individual elements.” 

Exceeding expectations on both the capabilities of the equipment and well as the service offered, Neuro Tech Asia has further invested in Prolyte equipment. From June onwards, they will become proud owners of the first Prolyte Space Roof system located in Asia. 

List of supplied equipment:

Mammoth gound support system:
  • 250m M145RV Mammoth truss (an additional 180m is on order)
  • 210m D75T tower truss
  • 8 x D75T deadhang mast section
  • 8 x D75T to M145RV sleeve block sections
  • 8 x BOX-M145V box corner
  • 8 x D75T tower base section
  • 8 x D75T tower top section
Additional truss: