Rigging Tower S52SV

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The medium-to-heavy-duty RT-S52SV has a loading capacity of 1400 to 2900 kg and a maximum lifting height of 12,95 m (please refer to the technical specifications table for further details). The RT-S52SV is based on S52SV truss with stabilisers of H30D truss. It has a self-weight of 520 kg. The legs of the V-shaped base can be levelled by means of screw jacks, which are attached to the side of the legs. After the base is placed, the mast can be built and erected using the hinges on the base corner. The mast should be stabilised by means of the braces, which fix to the legs. After the system is levelled and ballast is applied, the load can be hoisted into position. The RT-S52SV rigging tower is the ideal solution for medium to large scale events where flexibility counts, including festivals, concerts, or other major public events. The RT-S52SV can be converted from one type to another by simply adjusting the length of the mast.

Prolyte RT-S52V product sheet
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Rigging Tower S52SV
 Technical specs RT-S52SV-1,0T RT-S52SV-1,4,T
max. overall height 13,27 m 11,30 m
max. lifting height

12,95 m

10,95 m
max. loading capacity 1000 kg (2200 lbs) 1400 kg (3080 lbs)
max. surface front load 4 m2 4 m2
max. surface side load 2 m2  2m2
truss sections S52SV S52SV
stabiliser H30D H30D

coupling system

CCS7 Series CCS7 Series
alloy alu parts EN - AW 6082 T6 EN - AW 6082 T6
min.ballast* 650 kg per leg 600 kg per leg
max. windspeed 20,7 m/s (46.3 mph) 20,7 m/s (46.3 mph)
system weight 520 kg (1144 lbs) 495 kg (1089 lbs)

*Ballast values when full pay load is applied.
The S52SV Rigging Tower is the ideal solution for medium to large scale events where flexibility counts.

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